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Private Charters


We have 2 Charter Vessels to Choose from:

"Dreamers Dream" 49 Passenger $662 Credit

card or $595 Cash Discounted Price/Hour

In Harbor Only

"Dreamer" 42 Passengers in Harbor,

$550 Credit/Debit per Hour 

or $495 Cash Price/Hr.

"Dreamer" out of Harbor,

28 Passengers Out of Harbor(January 1 through May 31)

42 Passengers Out of Harbor(June 1 through December 31) 

$660 Credit Card

or $595 Cash Price/Hr. 


Come Aboard one of the

"Dreamer" Vessels

for your private event.

There is nothing quite like cruising the bay on your own private vessel.

Family, friends or co-workers, it's a great way to unwind.

Music, Drinks, Food

& Fun.



Other Charter Prices:

Bar Prices:

$1.12 cc/$1.00 cash-Soda & Water

$5.56 cc/$5.00 cash-Beer & Wine

$6.67 cc/$6.00 Cash-Mixed Drinks

Minimum $50 bar

Food Programs:

We have full buffet programs

catered by one of our local restaurants

$23 cc or $20 cash discounted price Per Person

Or Bring your own Food



Our "Dreamer" vessel is certified by the United States Coats Guard to accommodate up to 42 passengers.  

"Dreamer" has an  offshore capacity of 28 passengers January 1 through May 31, 

42 passengers June 1 through December 31.  For comfort we recommend that you limit your guest count to less than 39 Passengers. 

"Dreamers Dream" is certified by the United States Coats Guard to accommodate up to 49 passengers.  

"Dreamers Dream" is an in harbor boat only.  

You are allowed to bring on your own food, however due to our liquor license, all alcoholic beverages must be purchased on the vessel.

All prices listed do not include sales tax, bar, food and an 18% svc. charge that is added to each event.

All payments are due prior to sailing.  There is a no cancellation policy on all private events.  Any charter

canceled will be charged for the entire charter bill.



We always say, If your stressed...float a while!