Beautiful Burials At Sea

A Beautiful Burial At Sea

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A beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved one

With a memorial aboard the vessel "Dreamer"

Along the beautiful Coast of the Pacific Ocean

We Offer:

Attended memorials

Unattended Ash Scatterings
Beautiful memorial baskets available.


Unattended Ash Scatterings - $110 Credit Card, $100 Cash Discount/Check 

1 Hr. Attended Memorials for up to 28 Passengers(Jan-May), 42 Passengers(June-December):

$550 Credit Card, $495 Cash Discount, Checks must be received 10 business days prior to departure

(No exceptions)

Unattended Ash Scatterings are done on the date and time of the companies discretion, if a certain date and time are requested it is at the Attended Memorial Prices.