Beautiful Burials At Sea

A Beautiful Burial At Sea

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A beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved one

With a memorial aboard the vessel "Dreamer"

Along the beautiful Coast of the Pacific Ocean

We Offer:

Attended memorials

*Unattended Ash Scatterings
Beautiful memorial baskets


*Unattended Ash Scatterings 

$295 Credit Card,
$250 Cash /Check

1 Hr. Attended Memorials

 (Jan-May) for up to 28 Passengers

(June-December) for up to 42 Passengers

$995 Credit Card, $900 Cash
Checks are at the cash discount price but must be received 10 business days prior to departure
(No exceptions)

*Unattended Ash Scatterings are done on a date and time of the companies discretion, 

if a certain date and time are requested it is at the Attended Memorial Prices.

You Must Have:

"An Application And Permit For Disposition Of Human Remains"

And Line 16A of that permit must state:  "Scatter off the coast of Ventura County, CA"

One permit for each persons cremains that are to be scattered at sea.

The Permit ($12) can be obtained from your mortuary or crematory that is located here in 

California or The Ventura County Health Care Agency listed below.

If the cremains are from out of state or out of the country you may have to contact the:

Ventura County Health Care Agency

2240 East Gonzales Road, Suite 150

Oxnard, CA 93036

(805) 981-5172

To obtain your permit.