Beautiful Burials At Sea

A Beautiful Burial At Sea

Memorial Flower Baskets

Memorial Basket

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One of the most beautiful ways to scatter at sea is with a Memorial Flower Basket.

The Memorial Flower Baskets are weighted biodegradable baskets with flowers on the basket handle.

The cremated remains are placed inside of the basket, covered with flower petals and a dozen roses placed on top.

When at the location, the dozen roses are given to the passengers, the basket is placed in the water,

the basket sinks to the bottom as the cremains disperse as the basket decends.  

The flower petals float to the surface as the Captain circles the vessel around the cremains and the flower petals.

The roses are placed in the water as the vessel circles.

Each Memorial Flower Basket is unique and different.

Memorial Flower Baskets are:  $395 credit or $350 cash

(Prices may be up to 50% higher 5 days prior to and including major holidays)

To order please call 805-642-7753

Memorial Baskets should be ordered at least 5 days in advance of your memorial service.