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Stand Up Paddle Boards: No Reservations


We have a variety Stand Up Paddle Boards:


YOLO:  A YOLO (You Only Live Once)Yak?

  Its A Stand Up Paddle Board Made Like A Kayak.

Super Stable, Flat Top, Tracks Straight, Supper Fun!  

If You've Never Been On  A Paddle Board, This Is The One!
No Lessons Required.  Just Hop On And Go.

Anyone Can Do It.  It's Easy, Safe & Fun!  Maximum weight is 300 lbs. One Adult and One Child< 50lbs.

NALU:  By Ocean Kayaks are the next step up from a YOLO.  Also very stable, they have a built in keel so that they track straight and are also stable.  Basically a kayak on the bottom and a stand up on top.  Maximum weight is 250 lbs. One Person. 

Jimmy Styks:  10' 10" Long and 32" wide these boards are stable and a great way to get out on the water.  Maximum weight is 225 lbs. One Person.

$23 Credit/Debit

$20 Cash Discount

Per Hour